What's the next product that will disrupt the smartphone industry? — in Technology

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Phones and tablets are not the end-all of mobile computing and identity.  I've thought that the best way to disrupt the phone market is to add some core telephony, wireless, gps, gyro and accelerometers that were historically in the phone and put them in a wristband that's a similar form-factor to a Fitbit. The band may lack easy inputs beyond gestures but it can log the user in to devices elsewhere. Let's call it the iBand to simplify its reference.

(Apple is sending a cease-and-desist as we speak.)

By taking those chips out, the phone becomes just another screen that interfaces with the iBand. The iBand would have a robust API layer and application platform that devices could interface with to call out, authenticate you, etc.

Authenticating iBand with devices, badges, any screen would quickly sync their identity from the zé cloud. There would be no need to carry the screen around as there could be shared screens everywhere.

What are your thoughts on the way to change the game in mobile/wearable computing?

EDIT: Thanks HN community, would love your thoughts in the comments over there. Here's a link back: news.ycombinator.com/item?id=4851579
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